Communication Services had its first Massachusetts Library Win when the Greenfield City Council voted to approve bonding for a new library!

Communication Services has been working on this project for over a year. Officially from January through November of 2018 and unofficially until the vote on Wednesday, March 20th.

The firm rebranded the library, built community support, created a political atmosphere where being opposed to the new library meant being opposed to the community, etc., etc. Communication Services also produced a video that showed how inaccessible the present building is to anyone who has mobility issues.

With a 9-3-1 vote, the City authorized borrowing for a new $19.5 million library – ending weeks of wrangling that culminated by swapping relaxed commercial development rules for library votes.

The City will not have to pay the full $19.5M because the Library was awarded a $9.3M grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners last summer. The deadline to approve was April 30 of this year.


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