Libraries are among our greatest resources. Their programs and services are essential to the community. They are the information experts, the place our children learned to read and where we took our first computer class, the hubs of our communities. Every library is a great equalizer—accessible to anyone. Our libraries are the last bastion of our democracy. As you prepare to ask voters to approve funding or bond for a renovation, expansion or the building of a new library or if you need to impact your local elected officials, this is the message you must deliver to build voter support.

Build a Skilled Library Advocacy Team

How do you do this? To bring voting taxpayers on board, you must develop a strategy that reaches your audience through a variety of platforms, from social media to civic organizations.

Unfortunately, libraries do not always have staff that have the skills to implement these effective marketing and advocacy campaigns. Library advocacy consultants have the skills to develop successful strategies that engage library administrators and staff, Friends, donors, volunteers’ parents, elected officials and other stakeholders in this important process. Here’s why every library can benefit from the wisdom and experience of a library advocacy consultant:

  • We help you identify your goals and drill down to exactly what you want your library to accomplish. Do you need improvements and want to pass a building referendum? Increase your library budget through a public vote or effective outreach to local elected officials? Every library vote counts, and you need a targeted strategy to accomplish your goal.
  • Your public library needs a strategic library advocacy campaign to increase votes. A well-crafted library advocacy/marketing strategy involves many forms of outreach, from enlisting passionate library “friends” to carry your message into the community, to emails, to media outreach, to videos and social media, to printed marketing materials. Library campaigns that are solid, focused and goal-driven generate support for your library initiative.
  • Library advocacy consultants have the tools and skills you need to reach your elected officials. They will help you build solid relationships with local elected officials that have a say in your library’s local funding—if it comes directly from your municipality.
  • You need help getting the word out. At Communication Services, we work with you to target the right media and provide you with the messaging, talking points, fact sheets, press releases as well as opinion pieces (letters to the editor and op eds) that will enable you to get your message out in an increasing crowded media environment. We’ll also produce insightful PowerPoint presentations and videos that you can use to educate the public about your library initiative

Finding the Right Library Advocacy Consultant

At Communication Services, we have a way of turning library votes into gold. We’ve won 84% of our library campaigns (click here to see our winning libraries), and our library campaigns have resulted in millions of dollars in community-based funding for scores of libraries around the country. For more information on library advocacy services, contact Libby Post at 518-438-2826 or

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