Since 2005, Libby Post from Communication Services has worked with dozens of libraries to help them achieve financial stability and sustainability.  A political consultant by training, Post uses her political communication skills to help libraries throughout the country build advocacy programs for funding campaigns.

Specializing in library advocacy campaigns, her focus is helping public libraries throughout New York State and around the country wage successful redistricting efforts, budget votes, funding initiatives and building referendums. She has helped libraries win 84% of the time.

Below is a closer look at three successful public library branding and advocacy campaigns designed and implemented by Post, CEO of Communication Services.

1. Saugerties Public Library
In 2008, the Saugerties Public Library needed to ask Town residents to approve a $6.9M bond to expand the library. During initial research it was found that while the library was important to the community, recreation was on everyone’s mind. Post tooks a two-prong approach—rebranding the library using recreation as integral to its new brand and then segueing the marketing campaign into the advocacy effort.

The library’s new slogan was Recreation for the Mind: Discover, Connect, Grow. The marketing campaign, which featured the library’s new logo, featured library users in “recreational” garb and quotes that tied into the recreation theme. The marketing campaign included posters, banners, bookmarks and print ads.

After a 8-10 weeks, the library’s Friends group embarked on an advocacy campaign that played off the library’s new brand. This campaign was comprised of direct mail, print ads, radio appearances, public presentations and aggressive voter identification and turn out.

In May of 2008, the voters approved the $6.9M bond with a 64% margin.

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2. Mount Vernon Public Library

With the help of Communication Services, Mount Vernon Public Library didn’t close in 2014. Faced with funding cuts from the City, the library implemented a public education campaign and the Friends of the Mount Vernon Public Library mounted a multi-faceted advocacy campaign. The goal was to pass a $4.35M annual budget and save library programs and services.  The vote passed with 70% of the vote.

Post utilized the power of social media marketing with the creation of two videos that went viral within the Mount Vernon community– “Vote Yes for the Mount Vernon Public Library’s Budget!” and “Don’t Be Scared.” Using videos for library advocacy is an effective strategy that has helped her win library campaigns across the country. Learn more about the importance of using video in your library marketing campaigns.

In addition to a marketing campaign reflecting the library’s new tagline—Where Opportunity Awaits–Post also created a creative funny and eye catching poster series to cajole patrons to take better care of library materials, to renew online and to be careful what they watched on the library’s public computers because “there are little ones around.”

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Contact Libby Post for Library Support and Advocacy Services

Communication Services is proud to announce the win rate of 84% over the past 10 years working with public libraries!

Post provides the following strategic communications and library campaign services:

  • Strategic planning focused on marketing and branding
  • Branding and library marketing campaign development and implementation
  • Creative vote yes campaign planning and implementation for budget votes, funding propositions, creating library districts or building referendums
  • Library marketing training and workshops

Do you work with a library who wants to create a marketing strategy but you’re not sure where to start? Contact Libby Post, President and Strategist-in-Chief at or 518-438-2826 for more information on professional library support and advocacy services. Have a quick question about your upcoming library campaign? Contact Libby online.

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