New York Establishes Companion Animal Capital Fund

Communication Services runs the New York State Animal Protection Federation. As its executive director, Communication Services' President and Strategist in Chief, Libby Post, has been working with state legislators, the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, animals shelters and animal advocates to establish the first in the nation $5 million capital fund for New York's animal shelters. Below is the press release announcing the success. Responding to the overwhelming need to assist the state...

Using Social Media to Advocate for Libraries

When you’re putting together an advocacy program for your library, using social media is crucial—it’s one of the easiest ways to reach targeted audiences in or-der to build your base of support and a simple, cost-effective way to reach advocates where they al-ready are. Just about every library has a website and, at least, a Facebook page. Most also use Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and/or Instagram. It’s all about deciding which market you want to reach. Social media is straightforward and al...

Every Library Needs a Library Advocacy Consultant to Increase Funding

Libraries are among our greatest resources. Their programs and services are essential to the community. They are the information experts, the place our children learned to read and where we took our first computer class, the hubs of our communities. Every library is a great equalizer—accessible to anyone. Our libraries are the last bastion of our democracy. As you prepare to ask voters to approve funding or bond for a renovation, expansion or the building of a new library or if you need to impac...

2 Successful Public Library Marketing and Advocacy Campaigns

library advocacy
Since 2005, Libby Post from Communication Services has worked with dozens of libraries to help them achieve financial stability and sustainability.  A political consultant by training, Post uses her political communication skills to help libraries throughout the country build advocacy programs for funding campaigns. Specializing in library advocacy campaigns, her focus is helping public libraries throughout New York State and around the country wage successful redistricting efforts, budget vo...

Building a Library Advocacy Team

A lot has changed since the presidential election. Our national political landscape has done a total 180. Library advocacy at all levels—national, state and local--is going to be as important as ever. You can’t just wait until you’ve got just a few months to organize for a vote or to move your local municipal leaders to increase funding. You’ve got to build your advocacy team before you need it. Trustees, Friends, volunteers and patrons already have an affinity for your library. Turn that com...

Using Videos for Library Advocacy

library advocacy campaign
When it comes to advocating for your library, having someone other than the library director or trustees carrying your message speaking out for you is incredibly effective. Local elected officials and the general public expect library staff and trustees to be positive. They don’t necessarily expect your neighbor or friend or the president of the local chamber of commerce to carry your library’s advocacy message. At the Rockville Public Library in Vernon, CT, our advocacy goal is to increase t...

Stockton CA Libraries Strengthened by Yes on M

In the summer of 2014, Communication Services' president, Libby Post, went to Stockton, CA through a library advocacy grant provided by United For Libraries, to work with the library folks there on a voter initiative. We trained, we talked, we planned for 4 days. Those 4 days turned into a tremendous grassroots efforts that culminated in an overwhelming win for Stockton's library. Congrats to the Yes on M committee.

The Campaign to Immunyze All New Yorkers Kicks off Again in October

healthcare advocacy campaign
Communication Services continues its work with the County Health Officials of New York State on The Campaign to Immunyze All New Yorkers. We developed the branding and marketing strategy for the campaign. Beginning October 10th, the Campaign will be live across the state on the radio, bus tails and digital billboards, newspaper ads and Facebook boosts. For more information on our branding and marketing services for healthcare campaigns, give us a call at 518-438-2826 or contact us online.

Post Named Contributing Editor of Library Journal’s Hotline

Just check out the masthead of Library Journal's Hotline and you'll see that Communication Services' President and Strategist-in-Chief has been named a contributing editor. Post will be writing monthly for Hotline's Trustee Corner. This month's piece, Getting Friends to Advocate and Sell Books, focuses on how Library Friends groups need to think of themselves as Library Advocates!